Parental Involvement

“Tigers” rely heavily on parental involvement, with the support and assistance of ALL of our parents, our “Tigers” thrive.

Our activities are different to other competitive sports where the parent is mainly a spectator.

In Little Athletics, it is essential that parents participate for it is only with your help that we are able to function at all.

It must be reinforced that parental participation is a condition of registration and children may be suspended if parents fail to fulfil their commitments.

All parents are required each Friday to assist with the running of the program.

Please do not let lack of experience stop you from offering to assist as it does not take long to learn the ropes.

We have all been novices at one time. We ask this not for ourselves but on behalf of the children - YOUR CHILDREN!!!!

NOTE: Where any serious medical condition exists or any medication is to be administrated, A PARENT MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE!

Tiger Wests Little Athletics