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Presidents Welcome

To our new and returning Little Athletes and families, I would like to welcome you all to Tiger Wests Little Athletics Centre.

“Tigers” as we are affectionately known, has a wonderful hard working committee, who are always there to answer any questions you may have in regard to any aspect of Little Athletics.

“Tigers” are a relatively small club by comparison to others. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent facility for ALL levels of little athletes, from our Tiger Cubs (4 and 5 year olds), right through to our 17 year olds. Athletes wanting to compete at zone, regional, state and at national level are supported and encouraged to be their best!

“Tigers” are not a club that puts all their energy into creating elite athletes, but tries to ensure that all children and their family experience fun and fitness with friends within a safe environment.

Tigers” rely heavily on parental involvement, with the support and assistance of ALL of our parents, our “Tigers” thrive.

So even if you are new to the club and have never been involved with Little Athletics, we encourage you all to get involved with your children and enjoy their achievements.

Again I would like to welcome you to Tiger Wests, and wish all our athletes the very best for the season, and together we can make this the best season yet!

Paul Oreshkin

Executive Council

PRESIDENT Peter Harper




SECRETARY Jose Argueta




REGISTRAR Jason Cameron



OFFICER Peter Harper / Peter Ford


RESULTS OFFICERS Peter Harper / Jose Argueta


COMMITTEE Karen Harper

Karen Frankam

Ceylan Jade Ada


Peter Harper

BBQ OFFICERS Alan Patterson

EQUPIMENT Peter Harper

Jose Argueta

Little Athletics In General

The Association has gradually spread throughout Australia, commencing in New South Wales in 1970. Competing athletes in this inaugural year totalled 1,500 and this number has grown to approximately 37,000 in New South Wales with approximately 196 centres.

The age grouping for Little Athletics ranges from Tiny Tots [Tiger Cubs – 4 &5] to Under 17 with the athlete having to be under particular age as at midnight on the 30th of September.

There are now 196 operating centres in NSW divided into country and metropolitan areas. Just over 50% of the athletes are members of the various metropolitan centres. The association (Little Athletics Association of NSW) is based at Harris Park and is controlled by a Board of Management made up of voluntary workers supported by salaried officers.

Age Groups 2018 - 2019

Tiger Cubs [Tiny Tots] Born between 1/01/2014 and 01/12/2015

Under 6 [U6] Born between 1/01/13 and 30/12/13

Under 7 [U7] Born between 1/01/12 and 30/12/12

Under 8 [U8] Born between 1/01/11 and 30/12/11

Under 9 [U9] Born between 1/01/10 and 30/12/10

Under 10 [U10] Born between 1/01/09 and 30/12/09

Under 11 [U11] Born between 1/01/08 and 30/12/08

Under 12 [U12] Born between 1/01/07 and 30/12/07

Under 13 [U13] Born between 1/12/06 and 30/12/06

Under 14 [U14] Born between 1/01/05 and 30/12/05

Under 15 [U15] Born between 1/01/04 and 3012/04

under 17 [U17] Born between 1/10/01 and 30/12/03

If you are born after DEC 2015, you are too young for Little Athletics.

If you were born before Oct 2001 you are too old for Little Athletics and should contact Athletics NSW.

Registration And Fees – 2018/19

Proof of Age [Birth Certificate, Notification of Birth or Passport] is required to be sighted to be able to complete registration with LAANSW.

Registration Fees For The 2018/2019 Season Are:

Tiger Cubs [Tiny Tots] $100.00

Under 6 [U6] $100.00

Under 7 – 17 [U7 – U17] $120.00

This price is for the entire season, September through to March. Registrations after October will be $75 for Tots to U/6's and $115 for U/7 to U/17's, Due to Association charges.

A family discount of 10% applies to two or more children, Fifth Child Free.

Registration fees include insurance, cost of entry fees to most LAANSW championships, awards and trophies, coaching and equipment.

Unfortunately, no Registration numbers can be issued without both the full fee and proof of age.

Starting Times

The season commences on Friday 1st September 2017.The starting time is 6:00 PM and we endeavor to complete the program by 8:30 PM.

Our Friday nights start at 6:00pm sharp with a warm up – vital to prevent injury. The children are then divided into age groups and taken through a program of track and field events under the supervision of an Age Manager. Each week, children are encouraged to improve on their personal performances in a relaxed atmosphere, without pressure. These evenings are intended to be family oriented all parents are encouraged to assist in the supervision of the various activities.

Unfortunately in the past, some parents have treated the Centre as a day care centre. In the interests of safety and in the fairness to all members of the Centre, parents will be expected to attend and assist as much as possible.

Age Managers

These parents do a magnificent job coordinating your children each week in a rewarding but demanding role and need as much support as you are able to give on a week-to-week basis.

Athletic Attire

    1. Each athlete should wear the Centre shorts and singlet or crop top which shall be used for all Zone, Regional and State competitions. The Centre uniform is black and white trim and can be purchased from the Centre [Uniform Officer]. It is expected that athletes should wear the uniform on Friday nights.

    2. An individual number will be issued upon registration which must be sewn on to the front of the singlet or bodysuit, the red boarder must be showing. . Also, an age number will be issued at registration and it is required that this be affixed to the left side of the shorts or shirt.

    3. Our Centre number [68] must be worn on the back of the shirt at all championship Meetings, ie. Zone, Region and State Championships and State Relays. This number will be provided to those team members prior to the carnival.

    4. Shoes must be worn for all events. Bare feet are not permitted and will result in disqualification. Spikes may only be worn for running events, which do not involve a ‘pack start’. If spikes are worn, great care must be taken and they must be put on just prior to the race and taken off immediately on finishing. The rule will be strictly enforced as a safety measure.

    5. Spikes may only be worn by those athletes in the U10 and upwards age groups.

    6. We strongly recommend the use of hats and sunscreen. We also recommend the children drink plenty of fluids throughout the evening.

Parental Involvement

Our activities are different to other competitive sports where the parent is mainly a spectator. In Little Athletics, it is essential that parents participate for it is only with your help that we are able to function at all. It must be reinforced that parental participation is a condition of registration and children may be suspended if parents fail to fulfil their commitments. All parents are required each Friday to assist with the running of the program. Please do not let lack of experience stop you from offering to assist as it does not take long to learn the ropes. We have all been novices at one time. We ask this not for ourselves but on behalf of the children- YOUR CHILDREN!!!!

NOTE: Where any serious medical condition exists or any medication is to be administrated



An irregular Newsletter will be sent occasionally through the season. It will contain information such as:

  • Coming Centre events and general Centre news

  • Coming championships & Carnival details

  • Coaching information and advice.

  • Outstanding personal and team achievements

  • LAANSW news and other Centres invitation Gala Day details


    1. We believe that teaching children fundamental skills and techniques for each event [as distinct from training] is basic to our task.

    2. Parents are encouraged to take an interest and seek out coaches to discuss and particular problem concerning their child. We also need parents who are able and willing to provide any coaching.

    3. A coaching program will be released as soon as possible.


In keeping with the rules of the LAANSW and limitations of the public risk insurance cover, the Executive Committee has declared that only those children registered with LAANSW are able to take part in the competition. Thus, no visitors will be allowed to compete unless they can show proof of being currently registered with another Centre.


Parking is available in Percy Street. Alternative parking is available via the main gate in Church St.


The centre has a unique advertising facility where by members offering goods or services can advertise in the newsletter.

Please see Paul Oreshkin for details.

Wet Weather Routine

Please note that sometimes it may have been very wet early in the week and then fine on Friday. Consequently, the ground may have taken too much water for it to be used at the weekend. If in doubt about whether there will be any competition on a particular Friday night, please ring the wet weather hotline after 5:00 PM on 0405 944 054.


We have always had a barbecue in operation on Friday nights which is looked after by voluntary helpers. Soft drinks and spring water is also for sale at the barbecue area. Your support of the barbecue helps to provide valuable funds for the Centre. Please ensure that the children put empty wrappers or drink containers into the appropriate garbage bins.

Fund Raising

Each Friday night we hold a numbers board raffle. The proceeds of which will go towards purchasing new equipment as well as maintaining existing equipment.



Competition Calendar 2018/19

In addition to Friday night competition, there are many events in the Little Athletics calendar, some serious competitions and some just for fun.

Mid West Metroploltan Zone Multi Gala Day

Not to be confused with the Zone Championships, this is a low-pressure day, which gives our athletes a chance to compete against athletes from other Centres in our Zone in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. This season, the Mid West Metropolitan Zone Gala Day To BE ADVISED

Junior Scamper 6’s and 7’s

Fun day for tots, U/6 and U/7s to give them their first experience of fun competition. Location To be Advised

Zone Championships

These are open to all athletes in the U7 – U17 age groups and are spread over 3 days. The “Zone” is the most important competition which all athletes should work towards throughout the, season Our Inner City Zone championship will be held on the 8th and 9th December 2017 at ES Marks Field Kensington. Clubs include Balmain (Rozelle), Canterbury (Ashbury),Eastern Suburbs (Paddington), Randwick / Botany (Pagewood). South Eastern (Kensington), Tiger Wests (Auburn),Western Suburbs (Concord).

Regional & State Championships.

The Regional Championships are open to those U8 – U17 athletes who have qualified through the Zone Championships. Last season Tiger Wests had 29 athletes qualify for the Region with 2 qualifying further to State. Those children who do not qualify for Region are encouraged to attend the Regional and State Carnivals and lend their support to their Tiger teammates. This year, the Regional Championships will be held on Saturday 2nd February 2019 and Sunday 3rd February 2019 at Barden Ridge.

State Relays

State Relays The State Relay Championships is the largest event on the LANSW calendar in terms of number of competitors. The championships are comprised entirely of relay events, both track and field. This is a big day with athletes from Centres all over the State. Numbers are always high and competition fierce. Team members have an added responsibility on this day to be in attendance and on time. In 98/99 Tiger Wests received it’s first medal at this carnival, in the U13’s mixed 4 x 100m.This team was awarded with a bronze medal for coming third. In 2000 Tiger Wests entered two teams to these competitions. Our U/10 mixed 4 x 100m team received a silver medal and our U/11 mixed 4 x 100m team achieved a gold medal and a NEW STATE RECORD. Since then Tiger Wests have continued to win medals, a further 5 GOLD, 6 SILVER & 1 BRONZE. This year the championships will take place on 17th November 2017 (U8-U11) and 18th November 2018 (U12-U17) at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre, Homebush (SOPAC).

Other Gala Days

State Multi

2-43 March 2019 Barden Park Dubbo Entries Close 13 th Feb. 2019.

Throughout the season, many Centres, both in the metropolitan and country areas, hold gala days. These are always on Sundays and give our athletes a chance to compete against different opposition and improve personal best performances. There is usually a small entry fee for gala days.

Forthcoming events will be announced each week but don’t forget to look at the notice board .

Centre Uniform & Placement of Patches

Tiger Wests Point Score System

The Point Score System is based on two factors:

1. Points for competing each week in each event

2. Points gained for equalling or bettering previous best performances

Our system is not based upon who is best, but on participation and improvement on a week – to – week basis. Little Athletics was developed to cater for all. Not all children will make it to the top but all children should be given the opportunity to reach their potential. Little Athletics will give the opportunity to the children to learn, develop and improve through training and competing each week and by attending Gala Days and Carnivals. It will, no doubt, be the situation that there will be winners. We hope that all children will be winners based upon improvement and participation.

Centre Championships And Point Score Awards.

At the end of each season, athletes from the club are awarded with three possible awards:

    1. Centre Championship- Presented to the top three athletes in each age group, based on a number of events determined by the club held over two nights.

    2. Point Score Award- Presented to the top three athletes in each age group, based on overall performance, participation rate and progressive improvement over the season.

    3. Participation Award- Presented to all athletes in each age group who did not qualify for point score award.

All Athletes must attend at least 2/3 of the season to be eligible for a trophy, that means you need to return after the Christmas break.

Events by Age

LAANSW Personal Protection & Intervention Policy

Guidelines for Taking and Using Images of Children

Endorsed: 01/10/2008 Updated: 25/5/2009

• If a person is thought to be taking images inappropriately or breaching the restrictions in place for the venue, then venue management or a designated official can request the person to stop. It the person refuses, the police or security may be called to escort them off the property.

• Photographers (professional photographers, spectators, coaches, etc) should not be allowed unsupervised or individual access to children.

• Professional/official photographers should wear an identification pass during an event.

• Coaches should inform athletes and parents, and gain their consent, if the coach wants to photograph or video athletes as a tool to analyse and improve performance.


The following guidelines relate to all forms of public multi media.

• Permission should be obtained from a child’s parent/guardian before taking and displaying images of a child. All concerned should be made aware of the way in which the image is to be used and how long the image will be displayed. Unauthorised public display of images of children must be avoided.

• If an image is used the child should not be named without the permission of a parent/guardian. If a child is named, consideration should be given to only using their first name.

• Information about a child’s hobbies, like/dislikes, school, etc, should not be displayed as this information has the potential to be used as grooming tools by paedophiles or other persons.

• Only appropriate images of a child, relevant to the sport or activity, and in which the child is suitably clothed should be used. Images of athletes participating in minimal clothing or in unusual body positions/poses could potentially be misused. The age of a child is another factor to consider when deciding if the image is appropriate.

• Where images of a child are displayed on a website, the ability for direct copying from the website to another source should be reduced (i.e. disable the ‘right mouse click’ function).

• Individuals should take care not to inadvertently publically display images of children who are incidentally captured in an image but are not the intended main subject of the image. E.g. A parent videos their child in a race. The image captured includes other children in the race. The parent posts the video on a public website however in doing so has undertaken an unauthorized public display of the images of the other children.

• Concerns or complaints about inappropriate image use should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer of the Little Athletics Association of NSW.


• All photographers who are contracted or paid to take photos at a Little Athletics event must have gained formal accreditation from Little Athletics NSW. Photographers who have not gained this accreditation should not be used. For further details, please contact the Little Athletics Association

Tiger Wests Training Policy

It is the policy of Tiger Wests LAC that whilst athletes are welcome and encouraged to attend any publicised training session, they MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT. Children cannot be left at the track without the express permission of the coach.

For safety reasons it is also the policy of this centre that all parents, athletes and younger siblings remain outside the fence at all times during training unless otherwise instructed by the Coach. During the week senior athletics may be sprinting on the track or throwing dangerous implements such as javelins, discus, shot puts of hammer

Apart from the obvious danger, it is not fair on those senior athletes who have every right to be able to train in peace and to not have people wandering across the track or infield areas.


Smoking Policy

The Little Athletics Association of NSW Inc. (LAANSW) understands the harmful affects of smoking on health, fitness and performance in sport and that passive smoking is also hazardous to health. It is acknowledged that non-smokers should be protected from the involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke and as a result the LAANSW has adopted the following Policy. Smoking shall not be permitted in any competition or spectator area during any Little Athletics competition. Parents, administrators, coaches and officials have a responsibility as role models, particularly when involved at Little Athletics Centres and at LAANSW Events. Premises and competition areas are declared smoke free zones –smoking is only permitted where a special smoking area is designated.

Athletes/Participants are reminded that smoking adversely affects performances and are prohibited

from smoking whilst engaged in Little Athletics activities. Coaches and Officials are reminded of their responsibilities as role models particularly with junior athletes and are asked to refrain from smoking whilst associated with our sport. Visiting Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Administrators and spectators are reminded that smoking is inappropriate behavior in a sporting environment and are asked to respect our Smoking Policy. Non compliance with this Policy will be handled by an explanation of the LAANSW Smoke Free Policy to the person, including the identification of areas in which smoking is permitted. In the case of continued non-compliance with the Policy, LAANSW personnel will use their discretion as to the steps to be taken, which may include asking the person to leave the premises, event or function.

Smoking is only permitted to the rear of the ASICS WESTS club house.

Tiger Wests Little Athletics Centre

P.O. Box 161, LIDCOMBE

N.S.W. 2141

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