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2017 Regionals

The regional Championships will be held at Sylvania Waters Athletics Track (see below) on Fri 27th, Sat28th  & Sun 29th January. Start time is 8am.
Details of who has qualified are in the attached document. Please check if you are in and let Ian know if you are unable to make it on the day.
The program is attached below. Please note that it is a 3 day program so those of you competing in the 3K you will be running on Friday night.
We will try to sit in the same place a last year which is behind the long jump pit near the start of the 100m.
We will need people to help out with some jobs on the weekend as we need to provide two officials for the Discus (just near were we plan to sit) as well as in the marshalling area (possibly chief official).

For those who are not competing on the weekend competition will be on this week but it will be a no points night.

Sylvania Waters